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Firehouse Geckos

Magnetic Reptile Vine Holder

Magnetic Reptile Vine Holder

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Vine Mount Quantity

We developed these magnetic vine holders after trying to find an easy solution to mounting and cleaning off the artificial vines in our reptile enclosures. The magnets are strong enough to hold up your heaviest chameleons in a screen enclosure and they also work well for holding up vines plus smaller arboreal species, such as crested geckos, emerald tree skinks, or abronia, in glass or acrylic enclosures with walls up to 1/4" thick!

These magnetic vine holders are 3D printed with a plant based plastic known as PLA. Each magnet is completely embedded in plastic keeping them free of corrosion and making them easy to clean. The magnetic vine holders are able to be cleaned in luke warm water.

Each order includes a dozen zip ties and a pair of flush cutters allowing you to trim the zip ties without leaving a sharp edge.

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This is a great idea...easy to use & good...

This is a great idea...easy to use & good quality

This is my second order of these. Great qu...

This is my second order of these. Great quality and the magnets are strong.

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